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Welcome to Sacred Egypt( Unlocked) - Available to all who ready & care.
Those 8 special keys/healing tools each 2-17min each healing themselves keys, steps to unlocking you welcome to explore to hugely deepen your own experience and go through you own initiation into Sacred Feminine/Divine Feminine Union, unlocking and help you to greatly do same x1000-10,000+ more deeply for your community/country & Earth. (read below some other deeper healing, steps that lead to unlocking, and list of 24 other Bilocation around Egypt)

1st initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt ( 'base/root')

1min Preview, Healing, Keys to Harmony & Union ( you welcome to continue with any music)

no134. Past & Future, Masculine & Feminine, Spiritual & Material Life.

2nd initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt ( sacral):

Bi- location: Vortex29.17 Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt. Unlocking linking, union our other 17 Bi-location. no135. Tapping, Unlock infinite abundance within, within Egypt...

3rd initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt ( Solar Plexusno136 

 v29.18 Luxor Temple: Closure: Forgiveness, acceptance across time, end of cycle.

 4th initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt ( Heart)

Vortex v29.12 Hathor Temple:  Open mind, Tolerance No137.

 5th initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt ( Throat)

 (Vortex v29.11 version2 Abu Simbel Temple: Trust, Truth, Divine & Sacred Gifts, Skills, Abilities no138. 

 6th initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt (Brow)

(Vortex v29.13 version2 Saccara earliest Pyramids: ​ Harmony, & Union, Unlocking Wisdom & Intuition. No139.

7th initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt (Crown of 5th Lightbody )

Sphinx ( Union of Sacred & Divine Feminine) unlocking Pyramids through welcoming Masculine, no140

8th initiation/Unlock Ancient Egypt (return)

Complete. Safe, easy, smooth, full return home. no141
There are now multiple Sacred Therapy and Sacred Ceremony tools available to further accelerate integration & welcoming back new levels of Great Cosmic Mother & Sacred Kundalini:
4 x Sacred Ceremony: Cacao, Blue Lotus Tea, White Sage, Holy Communion
4 x Sacred Therapy: Talking, Acupuncture, Orgasm ( Individual/Couple), Loved ( Practitioner Level upgrade)
Those available to all 4th GCSB Academy I AM initiatives, or for additional fee on request
Post many Global Circle of Light & Global Circle of Sovereign Being: unity consciousness healing including 2020, 2021, 2023 ( see more 7 years
7 - 10 April 2023. Ancient Egypt, especially 18th & 19th Dynasty and limitations. Free humanity from very old sexual pain, trauma, limitations to allow greater peace, joy, happiness, love, expression, sexual energy (added 12/12/2022)
8 - 11 September 2023 ** 3rd Healing, activation of Egyptian Pyramids and city of Luxor (15th Healing & Activation of Major Earth Vortex) Clearing anything interfere, limitations of more light, love, expression, truth &  earth & goddess, sexual energy flow and linking up around world and allowing smooth flows throughout the Earth.
Importantly 1st 2 visits in 2022 & 2023 myself/partner and then whole family with multiple preparation steps, healing, zoom, and guidance that ready to return to Egypt more fully.
Here are 8 copies of Facebook Lives ( co-crated healings) with exception of 5th to 7th which were partially suggested, all other 5 at times given with little notice post series of steps, synchronicities initiations. Ankh energetic, physical, in temples and other ways like name "Violet Ankh" for 7th unlock were revealed at times in magical moments. After 2nd unlocking Physical Egyptian Ankh arrived within 5minutes  noticing illuminated light Blue ankh next to hotel by entrance to Sphinx complex... Some of posts, images, steps followed/guided/spun to take over 18days in Egypt on my timeline.
 - huge opportunities to rediscovery & re-awakening our gifts, skills, abilities infinite abundance, power, sexuality This very exciting containing a beautiful collection as become possible, with acceleration of Healing 

Phrase for return/embodiment ** ( please say during all below healing, especially where **):

Thank you my Earthly & Higher selves merging receive healing & recharging via Michael for my & Earth Highest Good"

Enjoy additional unique 22 bi-location & accelerated healing (available to members)
v29. Karnak Temple, Luxur, Egypt 
Recorded by Red Sea, Egypt:
v29.1 Mount Senai, Egypt 
v29.2 Mount Catherine & St Catherine Monastery
v29.3 Cleopatra Palace, Alexandria, 
v29.4 Heracleion
v29.5 Pakhet Temple, Speos Artemidos
v29.6 Valley of Kings, Thebes, 
Recorded in London post 1st Egypt visit
v29.7 Nile, Luxor, 
v29.8. Great Pyramid of Giza, 
v29.9 Sphinx of Giza, 
v29.10 Aten - Lost Golden city, 
v29.11. Abu Simbel, 
v29.12 Hathor Temple, Dendera

Pre-3rd visit
v29.14 Saccara
V29.15 Fayoum Oasis
V.29.16 Siwa Oasis

Recorded during 3rd Egypt Visit in situe
v29.18 Luxur Temple ( see above no136)
v29.19 Edfu Temple ( Horus )
v29.20 Kom Ombo Temple
v29.21 Philae Temple ( Unification of Isis Temples)
V29.22 Seti I Temple, Abydos ( recorded using Sphinx to access)
v29.23 Khum Temple, Esna ( recorded by Sphinx, using Pyramids to access)

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