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Upgrading home - manifesting dream place to be & live. (there is updated Home 2, available for VIP members)

Building on our experience of 6+ years of helping 100s manifest better place to live and our 3 of Earth Angels & Sovereign Being Academy. Here step by step, empowering collection of state of Art 21st century healing tools to empower you in your own time to hugely improve, uplift create & manifest how your home is so you can be calm, healthy, joyful and happy. Whole program take about 9hours.

In reality if you taking part regularly through GCSB, especially Sovereign Being Academy you already influencing how your area is, this collection by time you repeat 3-5 times will greatly help to apply those not only your home, but Area too helping in process 100,000s

Abundance, valuing yourself & healing is important that's why some of those healing only available to VIP members ( you welcome to join It also protects people not ready from playing with tools that unable to handle as sessions are about 50-100years ahead of time for most of healers.

** 16 of 30 healing are available to all, if you not VIP start with those, as each is already extremely powerful & beneficial. ( Global Circle of Light have 110+ healing tools available on YouTube & Uplift & Embrace Mastery)

After you complete, you welcome to repeat 3-5 times for further mastery or Apply in your summer home, car, work place, local hospital.


Here about 9hours accelerated healing. You welcome to do over 9days or 9 weeks.

Clicking on link will open page with YouTube healing. Chose to start at indicated healing part. Listening to introduction as you have time.

To get maximum benefit from earlier GCL healing, please think of updated Phrase beyond duality, this even more powerful through linking through GCSB (I AM)

 renewed Phrase "Thank you my Earthly & Higher selves merging and receiving healing via Michael for my and Earth highest good"

Day1 - Tapping into Mastery

s3. Home ( VIP)

no50. Mastery of Water Element

no83.  Embrace the dragon within

Day2 - Open up, shake off what not yours

no74. Expressing of emotions

no82. Light & Star Beings

Vortex26. Waterfalls (VIP)

Day3 - Anchoring Higher Dimension Matrix ( This is lv3, most intense sessions)

s18. City of Light (VIP)

s17. Crystalline City(VIP)

s19. Biosphere for Earth Angels(VIP)

** Highly recommended you do extra grounding meditation & walking etc after

Day4 - Allowing Suffering & Pain to dissolve

GCL pain uplifting

Violet Cross      

Vortex21. Point Dume, California (VIP)

Day5 - Reclaiming lost energy

s23. People I have grudges & bitterness (VIP)

s21. People I drain or drain my energy (VIP)

Vortex1.1 White spring, Glastonbury (VIP)

Day6 - Freeing up space & energy

s27. Neighbours (VIP)

s28. Space harmony & declutter (VIP)

Vortex25.  Kauai, Hawaii (VIP)

Day7 - Setting new ways of being

no100. Healthy breathing

no101. Rest

no105. Grounded

Day8 - Choosing your emotions

no38. Joy x2

no30. Happy

no42. Loved or no35. Bliss

Day9. Ground your way & new reality

no87. Lemurian

no88. Atlantis

no112. Yoga

Healing is a journey. Above is really fantastic collection hope you enjoy. It help you with many other parts of your being & life and open doors into new opportunities you never dreamed before.

You welcome to repeat above monthly. See how your mastery improve after 3-5 times, opening new. Apply in your summer home, car, work place, local hospital

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