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Spreading love and light throughout the world - empowering individuals to make a positive change
Unity Love is one of the highest vibration of Unconditional Love - Heart of the heart chakra

I been guided in January 2016 to start of 'Unity Love' project which happen to be one of my life mission to bring Lightworkers together and build Unity Love on Earth.

2016 was very interesting and truly transformational year for me, especially visit to Mt Shasta and powerful retreat there with 40 members of my soul family where we anchored a lot of new vibrations into reality, most of the group are at the moment spread around world and taking part in Global Circle of Light.

1st  Circle was held with 7 taking part remotely on 24.02.2017 for 3 hours.

By 6th Circle in end of March 100 people were taking part each week with Circle lasting full 67hours. It been growing in purity and strength each week since. We do have (5 week August and 2 week New Year break)

Global Circle of Light - Multi Dimensional 

This is one of the most powerful way to connect together and spread love and where time and space disappear and people of different backgrounds, status, believes, religion, ethnic origin all join together for common good of bringing huge amount of love and light for themselves and everyone around.

600+ individuals already taking 6 continents, circle projected to grow to over 1000 in next few months. See Global Circle of Light for more details

90% of participants experienced something during session such as relaxation, going to sleep, feeling of joy or love (see comments). 

If you reading this page then taking part is of great benefit for you and you are ready to let go some of pain and suffering. You will contribute greatly to the group and help everyone in a group and many people around you.


Each person contribute their soul's wisdom, lessons, love and as much time as they can.


This enables individual to experience huge growth of x2-10 rate and increase in personal vibration of 2-10% in month following session.

Some of the comments:

Awesome, thank you I would just like to say that the shifts in those around me (their response to me and my perception of them has shifted dramatically). It's pretty incredible! Feels like life has become so magic since the transmission. so took a few days to see the full effects of the energy clearing, I feel a lot of karmic energies have been cleared with my family and colleagues but most especially with my parents.


I wanted to tell you about two significant shifts which occurred this week. During session on Friday I prayed for guidance on how to heal and move forward in a situation where I felt I didn't have the answer and this was causing me anxiety and stress. The next day, a miracle happened where the situation miraculously resolved itself. It was like magic! I really felt like my prayers had been answered and the solution was not one I could have predicted or come up with. The Universe is so much wiser than me. P.L. 

To participate  and spread love around world

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