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Global Light Circle - Multi Dimensional

Many synchronicity for previous healing focuses and positive news.

The focus of the group is to create a sacred and loving space so that each and every one can receive 100% of what they need now.  The more joy, love and abundance you give and receive enables you to share more as what you give out is returned to you many times more. 

Healing took place at Unity Consciousness Level. Participation is via Higherself.

Previous dates in 2017

Apr7-9.      Home

Apr14-16. Building you live in

Apr21-23. Street you live in( including your home and building)

Apr 28th- May 1st. Places participants work/study

May 5-8.  Link up of group with Glastonbury. Filling and Global Circle of Light with even more love and clearing anything that is not.

May 12-15. The Healing Trust( upto 40 Healing Centres and 2000+ members)

  • 1st and one of largest Healing Organisation in UK.

    • Since 1954 helped to legalise and promote healing in UK. 

​May 19-22. College of Psychic Studies and its members

May 26-29. Reiki Healers in UK ( upto 40% /upto 25,000 received some benefit)

June 2-5. Family/close relatives and close friends of Participants. ( upto 23600 took part on Soul level)

June 9-12. 46 out 80 votes were selected: Homeless (sleeping rough or with need to change place more often then once every few weeks) in London and UK.

Guidance was that potentially upto 89,000 could have benefited with upto 30% will be able to have more permanent place in future. 

June 16-19. Ancestors of participants. Upto 189,000 received healing, more details on Facebook Group.

June 23-26. Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children's Charity ( got 48% votes)

June 30- July 3. Family/close relatives and close friends of Participants.

About 45,000 accepted love and light.

July 7-10. Home(s) and Buildings participants live

July 14-17. Send love to reduce predicted Major Earthquake in New Zealand (21% votes) link up with Glastonbury.

NZ faultline has received tremendous positive impact

July 21-24. People involved in negotiation of Brexit & US Senate and House of Representatives. ( 4th and 5th place in voting)

July 28-31. Filling Global Circle of Light with even more love and light, clearing anything that is not.  Future Timeline Healing where you can dissolve resistance within you and thus more easily and gracefully begin to allow/attract/manifest the life of your dreams.

September 8 - 11. Global Circle of Light - Unity Love

September 15 - 18. Doctors/Medics you met/know and British Medical Association (BMA) ( and its members. General Medical Council

September 22 - 25

Family/close relatives and friends, childhood and class mates of Participants, especially to bring more joy, happiness and love in all relationships

September 29 - October 1

Leaders/rulers' and their deputies and 300 people with most influence/control for each Country/State in the world. To allow much greater unity, cooperation, understanding and trust.

October 6 - 9. 

60 most polluting/damaging Earth companies/organisations. To work more together and create opportunities and find ways to operate with less damage/pollution to environment (also 500 people with most influence in each of those companies)

October 13 - 16. Trees that are in Area Participants live. ( More then 10,000,000 Trees received benefit from healing.)

October 20 - 23. 1st nomination by group voting. Abused children in Area each participant live. (Healing to allow to stop and prevent further physicalsexual, or psychological maltreatment, neglect,  exploitation, or trafficking of a child by another person or people or organisation and healing of trauma)

October 27- 30. Paedophiles rings /organisations/groups. To help end organised exploitation of children.

November 3 - 6. 2nd nomination by group voting. Freedom from Human Trafficking. To help end exploitation and slavery.

November 10 - 13. top 50 medical research and pharmaceutical companies and (also 1000 people with most influence in those companies). Especially improve collaboration and greater advances/discoveries for good of humanity and more accessible medicine.

November 17 - 20 Healing main reasons/influence on War in Eastern Ukraine, to allow peace, compassion and acceptance in region. Including all people that influence/contribute to this war.

November 24 - 27. Animals/pets kept in captivity in Area participants live.

Circa 125K Animal/pets and 10K their owners/keepers to help with animal healing were included in healing.

December 1 - 4. 3rd nomination by group voting. Environmentally friendly farming. Upto 1,000,000 individuals with greatest influence on how farming is done Worldwide. To help more 'heart' based farming with greater consideration for environment/Earth and use of current and new technologies to significantly improve food production and much more environmentally friendly ways.

December 8 - 11. Class A Drug users in Area you live and main supplies of those drug. To allow more to have/feel being loved and stop the need to sell/buy drugs.

December 15 - 18. Family/close relatives and friends, childhood and class mates of Participants, especially to bring more joy, happiness and love in all relationships

Break for group.

Only via FB Group  3 private event ( Distant Healing lists for members interested and people they want to include)

December 20-21.   Universal Energy Healing

December 27-28.   Universal Energy Healing

January 3-4.            Universal Energy Healing

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