The Global Circle of Light offers a powerful & unique way to link up from anywhere, connect, heal and ground anytime. This can be accessed  without computer using GCL Phrase  or using any of GCL YouTube sessions.

Bonus amplified, empowering healing circles, typically upto x100 more empowering and contributing to our other ways to participate. 

Now >2 years weekly.

  • each Tuesday 7pm BST & Saturday 9pm BST ( see local times)

  • open to all

  • for details,  updates, direct links & more please join:

  • Each healing circle has typically 5 x 20min meditation and is circa 2.5hours.

  • You welcome to discretely join/leave & re-join anytime during. 

Every Tuesday:  7pm London (GMT) /  2pm EST / 11am PST / Europe 8pm CET ( & South Africa)

 (Wednesday: India 0:30am / Australia 6am / New Zealand 8am /

Every Saturday:  9pm London (GMT), ( 4pm EST / 1pm PST)

Sunday local time in  India 2:30am / Sydney 8am /  New Zealand 10am 

4 December, 9pm GMT 

22nd Lemuria, reconnecting to Goddess energy of the Earth and the Elemental Kingdom

7 December, 7pm GMT

20th Greater love, healing for each our cell & part of body. Our skin & hair.

11 December, 9pm GMT  

5th Atlantis reawaken & accepting our inner infinite power & abundance merging with our infinite love

14 December, 7pm GMT

9th Healing & activation to allow better, clearer eyesight & vision and healthier, more relaxed eyes 

18 December, 9pm GMT  

Healing & Manifesting best possible & magical 2022. Healing & unlocking limitations, dissolving any obstacles &  reducing challenges. 

21 December, 7pm GMT) 

5th special activation & upgrade on all levels to easily & grounded hold more light & embody our Higher-self more fully)

Break Until 15th January 2022

15 January, 9pm (BST) 

8th Healing & deeper surrender anything contributing to our health issues & pain (exclusive)

18 January, 7pm (BST) 

2nd Healing to allow greater confidence, Self worth & Self Esteem, healing & unlocking limitations. 

22nd January, 9pm GMT

2nd Healing to allow greater Communication &  Speaking abilities & confidence, healing & unlocking limitations. 

25 January, 7pm (BST) 

11th Deeper healing of our physical body ( healing upset & angry parts of our body, promoting greater well being and harmony )

29 January, 9pm (BST)  

10th Healing & activation to allow greater abundance, income & money

1 February, 7pm GMT  

15th Harmony, balance & Union of Divine & Sacred Feminine & Masculine

Past healing:

4th September,  9pm BST17th Greater love, healing for each part of our Being

27 November, 9pm GMT  

13th - Healing and awakening our Root & Earth Chakra

30 November, 7pm GMT  

Healing to allow greater Joy, Happiness & Magic in life, healing & unlocking limitations. 

1. Why register required ( for non members)

Intention, action before participating is important, you start receive the benefit and healing as soon you register. This helps us to hold and  maintain a safe, nice space as people who interested take part:- 

2. Contributions / Cost

Session are free to anyone contributing  monthly to GCL. Either via paypal or some members offering exchange. 


Zoom does cost time and money to run, your generous contributions greatly appreciated to continue these sessions also for the Global Circle of Light community. 


My suggestion is £10. However, you are welcome to contribute the amount you are able. See below option to contribute £5 or £10 for 1 or for multiple sessions.


3. Contact if you have any questions/comments

Easiest on FB Messenger

or just email: