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Have you ever dreamed what if Heaven on Earth? What if all people cooperate on same goals? What if New Earth?
Well your dream much closer then you thing. Here some of most advance ways, tools, deepest cooperation on Highest Levels, bringing tools, wisdoms from Future & what lost in translations, in conflict & stories of duality.
Keys to unlock 2024: Journey (Sweetness & joy in all areas of life, including body, sex, home, work, relationship, community)
Those 10 special keys/healing tools each 16min of deeper healing. Keys, steps to unlocking you welcome to explore to hugely deepen your own experience and go through you own initiation into Sacred/Divine Feminine/Masculine Union, Advance Star-seeds ways, unlocking and help you to greatly do same x1000-10,000+ more deeply for your community/country & Earth.

No142. 1st step, preparation, key to 2024: Journey: Feminine way: Shedding, letting go, clear, release, surrender...

No143. 2nd step, preparation, to 2024: Journey:  including being in joy & peace while outside your comfort zone. Step2  Masculine ways: Manifesting, Leadership, Courage, Enthusiasm, skills you need.

No144. 3rd Step, Advance Starseed ways: to 2024: Journey .. Step3. Dissolve veil, feel, anchor, embody, co-create who you already are. Allowing seeds you saw to blossom

No145. 4th Step. Communicate members of tribe on all levels especially invitations to be part of my(your) 2024, helping see inner truth and higher potentials available in 2024, beneficial cooperation, unity, co-create

Upgrade tribe(friends, relatives, people on path) members to facilitate our 2024 be best, especially possible

No146. 5th step ( Arrive. Welcome. Fully ground & embody) to 2024: Journey. Magical & best possible

No147. 6th step. Gratitude on all levels for everything (Closure).  to 2024: joyful magical & best possible 

No148. 7th step. ( Beyond Duality 1:1 healing). Key to Unlocking 2024: Journey. Best possible & magical

no149. 8th step. Global Circle of Sovereign Being. Key to Unlocking 2024: Journey. Best possible & magical

No150. 9th step. Complete. Safe, easy, smooth, full return home. Key to 2024: Journey. Being best possible, magical.

No152. 10th step *Magical*. 5min Preview Sacred Destiny Therapy. Magical key to Unlocking 2024: Journey. Best possible.

In 2024. I be offering more 1:1 deep healing held via Zoom to help/facilitate easier flow/transition/resolution of any obstacles/challenges.

More importantly offering deeper 1:1 or access to Higher dimensional tools for experience deeper/true essence of  many currently semi forgotten or limited potency: Plant medicine Ceremony, different Therapies with limited access/limited in some way such as Talking, Massage, Tantra, Acupuncture etc.. ( Many already available to our Academy 4 members)

Let me know if you interested to take part or more information

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