This page dedicated with some of most advance (yet simple), detached and empowering ways to help you with 2022 shift, Ukraine & greater Peace in Europe & Earth.

More importantly hugely step up in your power, abilities and reawakening Sacred & Divine Masculine on levels never experienced on Earth before.


  • Global Circle of Light huge amplification as we co-creating together as 10,000,000+ individually. ( Helping already greatly shift collective)

  • more peace, joy, happiness, love, abundance for us, our families & Earth

  • This can be accessed  without computer using GCL Phrase  or using any of 200+ GCL YouTube audio healing. Our Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Zooms are most intense ways for personal or collective shift

Direct & empowering healing audio (on YouTube, you chose amount):

(see below of page reminder easy & indirectly how to do 100s do each week around world)

PHASE 4 of shift starting on 6th October 2022

Here special unique bilocation 21st century healing meditation.  Boltysh Crater ( created circa 65,000,000 years ago through huge asteroid impact very similar time period to bigger more devastating Chicxulub Crater(Vortex6 VIP bilocation we have) This happen to be in centre of Ukraine near Dnipro River, so coincidently important point to help shift, anchor new Divine Galactic Feminine shift happening and prepare for deeper shift in Ukraine/Europe. You welcome to enjoy this unique and amazing opportunity.

See enjoy, read, take part, be aware of Phase1-3 which help liberate easily huge parts of Ukraine, shifting balance of fight, through huge amounts of light, love, healing and merging of Angelic/Earthly ways

Our suggestion you do 1 Feminine way + 1-5 a day in order from Masculine to get most benefit. Following day repeat but continue with Masculine where you stopped until complete over 2-14 days all Masculine.

Empowering & Revolutionary Feminine Approach:

Heal, Transmute main causes of War in Ukraine (no119), helping greater peace, unity & love in Europe & Earth

Empowering & Revolutionary Masculine Approach:

Phrase 1 (complete successfully) .

1. Advance bi-location to Starokiyivska Gora, Kiev, Ukraine (Vortex28) ( greatly help & benefit from this Power Vortex dating back to birth place of Kiev & what now Ukraine & later Russia)

2. Advance bi-location to Dnipro River, Kiev, Ukraine(Vortex28.2) ( greatly help & benefit from this Power Vortex at least 6 powerful & sacred spots in Kiev along Dnipro which is 4th longest river in Europe starts in Russia, Belarus and flowing through Ukraine to Black Sea)

New Sacred & Divine Masculine Reawakening( Phase 2 of 2022 Shift, helping Peace Europe)

3. Kyivo Pechers’ka Lavra(Vortex28.3)

4. Troyitsko-Illynsky Monastery, Chernihiv(Vortex28.4)

5. Akhtyrsky Holy Trinity Monastery, near Sumy (Vortex28.5)

6. Vorskla River, Poltava (Vortex28.6)

7. Suvoroskiy Spring, near Kharkov(Vortex28.7)

8. Svyatogorsk Monastery, Kramatorsk (Vortex28.8)

9. Chuvilkin Hill, Orekhovka, Luhansk Oblast (Vortex28.9)

10. Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, Mariupol , (Vortex28.10)

11. Kamyana Mohyla (near Melitopol) , Zaporizhzhia Oblast(Vortex28.11)

12. Church of St. Theodore the Crimean and All Saints, Alushta (Vortex28.12)

13. Iograf Ridge, Yalta (Vortex28.13) ( very important LV3)

14. Svyato-Uspenskiy Peshchernyy Monastyr', Bakhchysarai (Vortex28.14)

15. Unity of 1-14 Vortex. Amplified (Vortex28.15)

Phase 3.

no121. Victory of Peace( amplified 77year Anniversary of  end of WW2)

Here some of very helpful our other healing sessions:

1. Let go suffering & Pain

2. Better sleep

3. Uplift emotions & help let go others emotions easier.

4. Clearing with:

  1. Star beings & Light beings

  2. Higherself

  3. Violet Cross

5. Grounding is very important see 15+ suggestions