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This is special page to greatly help connection/reawakening of infinite inner peace, joy, happiness, love, expression ("Heaven on Earth").

This a dedicated links to collection of GCL uplift & embrace sessions which much more Earthly perspective & balancing grounding , to help you deepen connection your body & Earth.

On this page mixture of different intensity, dimension and aspect of grounding. Try mixture.

For easier life focus initially 50-60% on earthy sessions and understanding difference being here and now.

Here summary ( some pages on different page / including VIP( just for members)

112th Yoga ( Healing meditation ~14.20th minute) 

90th Spirit Guides ( Healing meditation ~16.30 minute)

105th Being grounded ( Healing meditation ~ 32.40th minute)

87th Lemuria. (Healing meditation ~13.31 minute)

92nd Power/Totem Animals. (Healing meditation ~10.50 minute)

87th Lemuria. (Healing meditation ~13.31 minute)

86th Fairies & Mystical Creatures. (Healing meditation ~10.20 minute)

52nd. Element of Earth. (Healing meditation ~10th minute)

83rd. Dragons  (Healing meditation ~10.44th minute

53rd. Union of Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) ( Healing meditation ~8.15th minute)

68th Walking & Exercise ( Healing meditation 8.30th minute)

65th Eating & food (Healing meditation ~6.35min) 

50th Element of Water (amplified Glastonbury) (Healing meditation ~7.45minute)

75th Dance ( Healing meditation ~7.10 minute)

35th Bliss. (Healing meditation ~6.30minute)

Session 9-13:      Anger. Fear, Grief, Unforgiveness & Resentment, Judgements

Session 14-18:   Frustration, Abandonment & rejection, Jealousy & Envy, Betrayal, Arrogance & Superior)

Session 19-23:   Doubt, Not good Enough / Worthless, Sadness & Depression, Repulsion & Disgust, Revenge &  Vendetta 

Session 24-28:   Disappointment & regret,  Cravings (Food, sugar, alcohol, cigarette...), Victimhood &   Blame, Sexual Energy & Pleasure, Guilt & sin

Session 29-33:   Money & cash, Happy, Accepted, Passion, Ascended Masters..

Session 34-38:   Curious, Bliss, Intimate, Working, Joy

Session 39-43:   Enlightenment, Successful, Playful, Love & Loved, Courageous

Session 44-48:   Anxious & Worried, Trauma, Shame, Shock, EGO

Session 49-53:   Advance. Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Union of Elements ( Spirit/Ether) 

Session 54-58:   Advance. Senses: Seeing, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Sense of Touch

Session 59-63:   Advance. Psychic Senses & Abilities: Trust, Inner Knowing, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience

Session 64-68Life balance activities: Sleep, Eating & food, Using Computer & Mobile Phone, Driving, Exercise & Walking

Session 69-75: Advance: Communication:-Speaking & Public Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening, Arguments & Discussion, Expressing Emotions, Dancing, Art & Crafts, Being seen & popular, Being heard & understood, Chanting & Humming & Singing

Session 80-94: ExpertHigher Connection: 

Angel & Archangels, God/Divine/Source, Star & Light Beings, Dragons, Galactic Beings, Higherself, Fairies & Mystical Creatures, Lemuria, AtlantisMoon & Planets, Spirit Guides, Power/Totem Animals, Crystals, Trees & plants ( Earth Angels, Future-self, Ascended Masters)

Session 95-99: Advance: Vital Organs: Brain, heart, kidneys. liver, lungs

Session 100-117: Advance: Art of Being: Healthy breathing, Rest, Meditation, Healing, Kundalini, Being grounded, Healthy, Ascension, Forgiveness, Compassion, Patience, Tantric & Orgasmic Sex, Fasting, Yoga, Giving (helping, caring, supporting), Receiving(help, care, support), Selfish ( lacking consideration for other people), Altruism (disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others), New GCL way

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