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99% of participants take part in Global Circle of Light distantly from 75+ countries around world ( in simple and powerful way see more)

Over last 3 years and 3 months we done extensive preparation with over 200 different online & in person healing (some of 2021 healing already happening too):

12 - 15 June. 2nd Annual MEGA Healing, activation, unity & awakening of London 'City of Light'. (see full focus)
Equivalent to 10,000,000+ meditating individually 
See below different ways Until 16th June you can contribute online or offline at 100% your ability 
2019.06_healing of London1.jpg

1. Most powerful intention & amplification(combining Ancient & future ways):

Online zoom 30-40+ people taking part equivalent 2000+ meeting for conventional meditation. For members of GCLOnline you can (see all details & zoom links here)

Tue, June 16, 7pm (BST)  Healing to help best possible relaxing & refreshing sleep.

2. Anytime and anyplace

Using GCL Phrase:

  • "Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing via Michael for my and London Highest good"

  • Any music, dance, yoga, other meditation for 5-30min. Repeat as much as you like/able


3. Similar to 2 using any of 5 our GCL Youtube audio or New Bonus Ways: Emotional Mastery 5D (any of 14 sessions forwarding to healing part)


4. Contributing During FB Live Monday & Thursday 6:00 to 6:30pm (see my profile)


If you have questions please let us know:

Next dates:

Due to Covid-19 for moment we only have online sessions. 

we have now empowering online sessions:

Every Tuesday 7pm London (BST), 

Every Saturday 9pm London (BST),

Also FB Live Monday & Thursday 6pm 10-14min talk and 20min healing together.

Previously powerful healing in June 2019 allowed to create big shift for London most experience in next weeks and months

Unique and Special opportunity

to Ascend/Uplift ourselves and London

Most empowering healing of London to date

Mega healing of London 
7 - 10 June. Healing, activation, unity & 'Blossoming' of London. Clearing anything interfere and limitations. To allow more light & love, earth energy flow and linking up around world and allowing smooth flows throughout Earth.
potentially equivalent to upto 10,000,000 individual REIKI healing
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