Thank your for your interest to participate in Global Circle of Light.

There are now 4 unique ways to participate and enjoy our unique & powerful healing​.

  • Open to anyone

  • any ability & belief

  • how you feel

  • you don't need to understand English

You always benefit and contribute to 100% your ability which typically x100+.

Just listen as much of our YouTube as often as you able, regardless your ability or how you feel. See below more details for to increase level & intensity of participation

Usually most of us take part anywhere, anytime. Try any below YouTube sessions to better understand, idea about surrender and how use our Phrase

1. Simple Any Time no computer: 

  • Just link up with our GCL Phrase: "Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing via Michael for my and Earth highest good"

  • and any music, meditation or yoga/art/drumming for 10-30min but any amount is beneficial

2. Anytime using Youtube: to amplify specific benefit for you and humanity

See  7 simple sessions below: Better Sleep, More Joy & Creativity, Reduce Pain, Ascended Master(within), Loved, Mother Healing, 1st GCL session

Participation intensities

Level0: People included in weeks healing  as not aware, not taking part change is more gradual and depends solely on their Higherself. Typically 5,000,000+ taking part on Soul levels.

Level1: anyone using Phrase, YouTube sessions. You are more aware and in control so change more rapid and contribution greater, your Higherself better able to help you. typically 500 to 2000 a week if to include anyone linking up in lower intensity own ways.

Level 2: participation is being more aware, open, passionate and being in our community who typically take part 4+ times a week. More empowering healing intentions to help family, country and Humanity is Level 3, when person spending 4-8 sessions a week and also joins our online amplified healing sessions each Tuesday or Saturday )

3. More advance, especially if you feeling particular emotion (session 42 and 33 included as sample above) 

GCL Emotional Mastery 110+ sessions to Uplift, Embrace & Transcend ( Anger, Fear, Sadness, Money, Carvings, Frustration, Judgement, Resentments and many other)

4. Most intense and uplifting :   our Tuesday or Saturday online zoom sessions

Here is link to some music a as suggestion:

Nature music:         

Dolphin sounds:     

Whale music:            

Flute/native American:


Suggestions for people that does not have time

  • Each night connect as just before you ready to sleep

  • Most found this helps get quicker and better sleep

To connect distantly – if you haven’t before, the energy is just as powerful as in person, the Distant Healing often bring more powerful healing.  Each participant is included in the group, hence to get maximum benefit you confirm participation.


Just a note on please let go of any expectations of your experience – both during and after. We find that for transmissions everyone receives what they need, and you may have a very intense blissful experience or a more subtle one. Just being open to receive this energy is enough and visualise white light coming towards you, as this often helps. There is no need to clear your mind; it will work regardless of your conscious state.