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Below are some of comments about experiences during sessions. Most comments are in Facebook group. You do not have to feel or experience anything to benefit. 

Comments from participants in 2019 about their experience 

Nathalie Arama “I am very grateful for having found and being connected to the Global Circle of Light. A blessed and safe space for healing humanity and the personal dimension.

The connection to the group is visible through synchronicities in my surroundings. I received profound healing for childhood trauma. I improved my mediation practices and now understand the meaning of grounding in my life.

Although I never met Mikhail in person, I feel he is a gifted, generous and loving being.

And recommend anyone that is interested in working on themselves and making the world a better place to be to connect to this warm hearted group and give a monthly contribution. It is so much worth it”


Sue Nicholas “On a personal path level, the anchestral healing moved me off a prior development plateau. It has increased my ability to manifest the change I want to see in my life.”

Kathleen Dutton “GCL A place to heal, grow, co-create. Soul attention to healing journey through participation. Learning and sharing. Highly recommended”

Janine Cirona: “GCL has helped me in so many way's. The grounding & meditation has enabled me to balance my earth energies, for a more peaceful & relaxed sleep which eluded me due to insomnia and electromagnetic frequencies coming through regularly. Working together for healing of mankind, to manifest love & peace. I feel my life has evolved since being with CGL to the point where l no longer speak from ego, and only wish love & good to other's. I have alway's been the family matriarch, but since my experience with CGL l am able to let go of the need to control & gain greater joy & peace from family gatherings. Instead of trying to help everyone & wearing myself out, l now know where help is needed & appreciated. CGL has given me more of a sence of purpose, and made me realize we are all connected & have gifts which have become more pronounced and in tune with the universe.

I have alway's had a great love of Jesus Christ, he has alway's been in my life from a very young age. With CGL l have realized our angel's are alway's waiting for us human's to be of assistance in our daily lives. Previously l didn't regularly call upon my angel's for assistance, but l now feel l have more of a connection with CGL being in my daily life.

Thank you Mikhail Heal for you dedication to this wonderful enlightening group, together as one we will heal the world & bring love & joy & peace to the human race.💖💝😘🙏”


Charlene Ratliff “Since I've been doing the weekend GCL Meet-ups along with the mid week UEF sessions, I've noted the healing angels around me and sending out this energy. People that are on the healing lists are getting some results and some are healed. When I am over someone I am getting signals that I'm getting help. Rarely do they leave without a smile and a sense of feeling wonderful. This is as amazing group, Let's keep this going, we are making a difference! 💖💖💖”

Katherine Halford Greene “I feel that it has helped me through difficult times, it does send energy when needed. I feel stronger I side and I do feel I have benefited. It feels good to collectively send healing to areas and situations internationally that need it. We are healers we magnify the healing when working together. Thank you.”


Vicky Scales “I’ve noticed that more positive things happen and come into my life. I sleep soooo much better. I use to have dreams that I never remembered but they would wake me up. Now I don’t even dream or if I do they don’t wake me up. I sleep like a baby through the night. Thank you Mikhail Heal for all you do to help. You are a blessing 🥰”


Judy Noll “ Ive always been a fan of meditation but since I have been participating with this group, I have noticed my intuition has become so much more keen. I have a "knowing" that has developed into a strong sixth sense. I am a counsellor of sorts and this has enhanced that ability. I am also more in tune with the natural world than I ever was before.”


Lucyla Molina "GCL has helped me to make difficult but much needed changes . I also saw changes in my community and got connected to people that reflects my reality today. Healing week by week in the individual and global level .💖🙏

Melissa Stang This group, this GCL community has become a very important part of my life. The energy that we create together and that I regularly tune into via meditation is VERY powerful. So many synchronistic events seem to happen in conjunction with our healings. Additionally, I really enjoy the opportunity to converse and share experiences with like-minded people. This is a very supportive community.


Kim Simonson “Staying connected to soul friends, hope, and real reality.”


Tirene Moran “GCL has been a prayer / soul answered prayer in a time I needed not only divine but global circle of light. I was introduced by a dear friend Nadene Joy when I was in a detrimental place that led my son and I to be in a safe house ... needing to feel divine love and light to continue to receive courage to listen to divine intervention and it has helped me not only stand up for myself and most importantly my son but to continue to be empowered with courage to do what was needed for our emotional mental physical psychological and spirityal safety. To take the stand has been the ultimate leap of faith and with my gcl family I have been able to confidently feel love support and set boundaries most needed without apology and have been reclaiming our life ever since. Mikhail has been available in times I have struggled in the depths if despair it truly is a divine blessing am blessed to call my family”


Lynn Henham “GCL blesses me with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I had been searching for over 25 years for breakthrough in these areas and finally found it with GCL. I am very grateful to Mikhail Heal and to all who help to make GCL possible. The love that I feel through GCL is incredible and transforming. Thank-you so much. “


Greet de Keijzer-Dekker “I like to do this with People from alle over the world to make it a better place with love and Light”


Loretta Mccabe “G C L, has helped me to not worry so much about my 2 sons, feel much more connected to God, have more abundance in my life, & love doing the meditations & fall into deep sleep 😴 thanks so much Mikhail for all ur amazing work & support ur awesome 😎 lots love Loretta 😘🤗😘🤗🌈🦄😇🙏”

Gunilla Grundström  “i do not mind investing time and passion free of charge💖”


Babien Avila “GCL has been a beautiful healing experience for me and a unique opportunity to join with fellow healers and gifted lightworkers in a high vibrational , sacred space to hold light and love for the upliftment and advancement of humanity . On a personal level, the healing from this group has enabled me to release old stagnant blocks from my life, supported me to move through painful past programming and help my daughter heal from trauma. I am very grateful to Mikhail for his light, love and guidance 💖”

Circle 4 - some experiences

First time I've tried was on Friday around 1pm. I lied down on my bed, i tuned in and after several minutes i felt like an electricity running through my body and i saw colours. I can't remember well as everything happened fast and also i think i felt asleep.


Second time i tried it was on Saturday around 4pm. After I tuned it , probably 5mins later,  I felt something intense in my third eye and it was like i was seeing with it. 


I saw places and faces of people very clearly but everything happened quite fast.  It was an amazing experience and I find it more powerful on Saturday. 



This week remembered a tune from 38 years ago when I was child that I forgot long time ago.



I tuned in from 4:30 to 5:30. A felt warm and loving energy embracing my body. The 3rd Eye and Crown chakras were very active in receiving and sending energy. My whole body was vibrating. I felt the healing energy being more intense in parts of the body where physical healing took place. I saw many people and animals, the head of a sheep was very clear. I connected with you and Warren in India and others. I felt joy and peace, I saw a pale blue light on and off during the meditation

Anna, UK


I put my hands over my heart and as soon as I did that I felt my heart chakra becoming active, open and slowly expanding. I felt immense love flowing in my heart chakra for about an hour and a half. At one stage a past pain/trauma came to surface and tears were rolling down my face. After a while I felt lighter releasing the pain. Also during the session I felt lots of compassion. Ema at around 7pm Indian time which is 5.5h in front of UK time.


I did go into a deep trance (and fell asleep)   wasn't aware of too much but will see how I feel, currently, Jo, UK


The energy was very strong and I could see showers of energy when I connected with the group. Very nice experience. Thank you for inviting me to it. Keep going with your idea as its very powerful. I.M., Bali

I connected and found that this time it felt calm and nourishing with no profound reaction like before - I think I was more settled - afterwards I felt calmer - thank you.



Was pretty ungrounded and unsettled last week. Feeling much better, Elena, Peru


I am feeling the energies of the group intensify. I'm not sure that I consciously comprehend the healing taking place but there is a deep knowingness that this is very transformational and that so much is being cleared within us multidimensionally. Even though the space isn't 'open' until Friday-Sunday I feel downloads of light & very high energies whenever I read an email or text message about the Circle of Light. 


I called my Dad into the last transmission on Friday and on the Sunday we went out for a family meal. I felt much more connected to him and could feel our hearts communicating ~ I felt a strong magnetic field in my heart area as I was sitting next to him. My intention was Father healing and although I've not noticed any big changes in our relationship I do feel more comfortable around him and it seems that we are communicating with more acceptance and ease. Thank you all who are in this circle, we are all healing each other



I tuned in a couple of times and felt a warm feeling going through my body.  It came in from the crown chakra and spread throughout.  Yesterday after I also fell asleep for a couple of hours, even though I had had a good nights sleep. 

I am definitely feeling more sensitive to things.  If I think about sending healing, my hands immediately get warm.  My third eye has started to open again and I get sensations there too



I did it before falling asleep yesterday for maybe 5mins but haven't really noticed anything, sorry. Sylvia


By the way I lay down for about 40 mins with the energy today...only thing I noticed was more breast pain..
Maybe as you say it accelerates before improving... Slept a bit twds end. CP. Connected 2nd time


Great job setting this all up.
I joined yesterday at 7.00-7.30 and felt more grounded afterwards and waves of energy going through me.
I felt like I did after the Divine I am sessions actually. More in touch with my core purpose.
However I am feeling pretty tired yesterday and today and connected in today about 11.30



Just wanted to say thank you very much for holding the circle of light for us today.

Yesterday I tuned in and I did not connect very well - it felt like I was tired and I blocked the healing in some way.

But today I tuned in 12:30 - 13:30 and just allowed it to wash over me. It was like my mind went to sleep, but I was still conscious, just sunk down into a restful state. It was a state just like hypnosis, very peaceful. During that time, I sometimes felt slight pains as the energy worked on me and twice I felt a surge of joy as more energy came in. Afterwards I felt wonderful and very grounded. It was a very powerful experience and I would like to join you again next week. Patrick


I started it 9pm. When I started healing gradually I felt like my whole body is a huge stone. I could not move my arms and legs. Like someone tied me. Then I felt tingling in my head. I felt very emotional. I have noticed healing is going through a circle to different people. I just focused on me. After one hour I felt lighter. Then I could move my body. My son didn't sleep straight way. So many phone call was coming from so many places. Very unusual for me. A call came from an American publisher who wanted to do my book 2 years back but I couldn't submit it due to the circumstances. They are still interested! But I didn't contact them. It was a distraction for my son. I felt the healing was definitely powerful but some unnecessary destruction was that time. My son is feeling happy this morning.


My family in Bangladesh all 4 received:

For my parent my dad told me that he is feeling 80% better as no pain in his body. For my mum she said she tried her best but couldn't sleep. So she is feeling very very bad and pain increases. My sister said she had a lot of destruction including her 2 years boy suddenly woke up and started to slap her. She said she felt lots of pushing like someone was pushing her. Her husband went out this morning. So could not get the update from him.  Love and light. S.A.


Hiya. I tuned in at 9.45pm on Friday as couldn't before. It was so quite powerful, a very nice connection. It lifted a pressure at the back of my head which I was very relieved about. Many thanks. Yes, would like to take part next week. Anna


Did join in at about 1.30pm today - it was quite good, full of subtle energies that you know will go deep deep deep, really enjoyed it :)


I tuned in on Friday at about 5.45pm for 30mins. I felt a lot of shifting physically - a deep relaxation. I've also felt a lot lighter this weekend. I look forward to tuning in again! Kate


I too picked up that beautiful aqua blue light that one of your other participants commented on


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