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Massive shift is happening since July 5th 2022. It all started & co-created at Glastonbury. Big ripples felt immediately especially in England, then Europe(Italy) changes in government, more ..

Global Circle of Light co-creation is equivalent to 10 to 100+ million doing healing individually. You welcome to enjoy huge amplification through joining as WE ARE, while honouring your unique I AM & path.  This is 4th shift GCL been involved since 2017 each time reclaiming new level of empowerment & trust. 

Phase 3 of Divine Galactic Feminine is going to hugely accelerate and ripple out further on 22-27 March 2023 especially through Glastonbury, England and Major Earth Chakras ( other areas get further upgraded in waves too), and up to us how it all will be as this shift about taking ownership, truth, greater power, unity...

         4 easy ways to help, get maximum benefit:

  • in person ( between 22 - 27 March 2023 at Glastonbury)

  • online (10min or more)

    • Tuesdays & Saturday Zooms (especially 25th March). Those greatest amplification often x100+ to contribute. 

    • See on page below 6 special YouTube (anytime from 8th October)

    • Invest few minutes or more

  • anytime participation ( 1second or more)

    • Using our Phrase to join instantly at 100% your ability to receive 100%:  "Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing via Michael for my and Earth Highest good" 

    • any of our 200+ GCL YouTube healing

  • VIP (access unique 8 Sacred Avalon bilocation, 60+ special accelerated healing to FastTrack, easier, joyful ascension, prepare & take part in coming up Time to Shine or Earth Angels Academy)​

For more information, questions how to benefit or get involved: or DM on Facebook Mikhail Heal. 

We have many highly evolved Souls taking part through Global Circle of Light, many working on Galactic level, holding healing & ascension in area or Towns they live, some on country level, especially for England as there are many of us involved here.

Mikhail have reached GateKeeper for Glastonbury level2, with access to 1000+ aspects that lived here before. Global Circle of Light have reached Crystaline City level 5 back in May 2021, allowing reawakening Earth Major chakras...

Involvement of people in & around Glastonbury is very important for awareness, reclaiming power, but upto this point upto 99% shift was initiated by Lightworkers & Earth Angels visiting or holding space for Glastonbury.

Read below or/and listen information of earlier shifts including Divine Galactic Masculine was anchored since October 2020 in waves.

1) Prepare, accelerate, embody 2nd Phase of Divine Galactic Feminine & return of Sacred Feminine(no123). (We recommend enjoy deeper healing from 22nd minute, then listen intro/post talk. Repeating daily help greatly to not only be aware/understand better but get maximum benefit. Co-created on 8th October on Facebook.

2) Earlier, recorded on 28th July 2022 at Glastonbury to celebrate and honour Phase 1 of shift
Healing, honouring 4 elements and upgrade with shift starts 10.25th Minute. Honouring 12 healing Zooms and more held over 39days.

3) 8 Sacred Avalon bilocation. Created in August 2021 as part of Sacred Avalon re-awaking.

4)  Upgrade, activation to prepare/benefit from Earth Angel Academy( we completed now 2)
Deeper healing starts on 13.40th minute

5)  new GCL(21st century & Earth Angel way of living, being, Ascension) (no117)
Healing deeper to understand starts ~28.3min. recorded 1 July 2021

6)  during start of Divine Galactic Masculine Shift,
Healing part start 7.45min. co-created by river Brue, Glastonbury 20 Oct 2020

  • Global Circle of Light huge amplification as we co-creating together as 10,000,000+ individually. ( Helping already greatly shift collective)

  • more peace, joy, happiness, love, abundance for us, our families & Earth

  • This can be accessed  without computer using GCL Phrase  or using any of 200+ GCL YouTube audio healing. Our Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays Zooms are most intense ways for personal or collective shift

Here some of very helpful our other healing sessions to help with easier, smoother shift:

1. Let go suffering & Pain

2. Better sleep

3. Uplift emotions & help let go others emotions easier.

4. Clearing with:

  1. Star beings & Light beings

  2. Higherself

  3. Violet Cross

5. Grounding is very important see 15+ suggestions

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