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Have you ever dreamed what if Heaven on Earth? What if all people cooperate on same goals? What if New Earth?
Well your dream much closer then you thing. Here some of most advance ways, tools, deepest cooperation on Highest Levels, bringing tools, wisdoms from Future & what lost in translations, in conflict & stories of duality.
Sacred Destiny Therapy
This is 3-4 generation ahead of time, at the moment accessible to few, being birthed here on Earth, 22nd century ways started during True Essence of St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel. 
Next Generation Healer - being used by our GCSB 4th Academy member daily and open to anyone devoted and passionate to be next Generation Healer ( which requires letting go suffering, being victim, and a lot more so)
Other 18+ new tools helping unlock/birth your destiny and stop past of others/Earth limiting/affecting who you really are is available 1:1 or during GCSB zooms.
Public, easy, accessible and available to all new Keys ( see below 30+ ):
This closer, simpler Facebook Live sessions co-created together available to use and offers preview of above 22nd century ways but accessible & bridge.
It is building on meditation, healing, transmissions, co-creating together more peace, joy, happiness, love, abundance for us, our families, communities, ... Earth 
But at same time unique, one of kind concept so people be open minded. Remember GCSB Phase at centre of it & link up most important then why you use it and for what purpose (you & Earth Highest good and highlighted above)  and how much trust, awareness, devotion etc you have greatly help (but use it to evolve and know each sessions/day this greatly improve, even if takes time to acknowledge etc)
Keys to unlock:
Try in different ways:
  • 1-5min each from deeper healing part spending 20-60min to complete series 
  • Try 1 key a day. Completing series over week.
  • Add your own music, or own meditation after deep healing start..
  • How you guided to do...

In 2024. I be offering more 1:1 deep healing held via Zoom to help/facilitate easier flow/transition/resolution of any obstacles/challenges.

More importantly offering deeper 1:1 or access to Higher dimensional tools for experience deeper/true essence of  many currently semi forgotten or limited potency: Plant medicine Ceremony, different Therapies with limited access/limited in some way such as Talking, Massage, Tantra, Acupuncture etc.. ( Many already available to our Academy 4 members)

Let me know if you interested to take part or more information

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