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Welcome to 1st layer of 3+ layer deep embodiment and unlocking of London, England and  (help unlock Europe).

This is revolutionary ways come through days ahead very deep journey to Mystical East and part of stepping up being Sovereign being initiative 5 ( Europe). ( read more & experience other 28+ keys)

Here is a visual sketch to help understand triangulation in Central London now Live ( based on really powerful Energy Points of London) and available to help you deeply embody any where in world ( like Light Houses helping bearings, for deep & transformational expansions, travels, ascension etc)

2nd Layer be about 20-30 points on Capital Ring Walk route around inner London, circa 120miles around, will be setup on Mikhail return from Mystical East 69days epic adventure, arrival and deep bridge West to East, Europe to Asia...
Those 3 special keys/healing tools each 14-17min each easier, simple way to access/preview 22nd century ways, steps to unlocking your deeper embodiment, helping letting go drama, fear, anxiety and stepping to be more visible, heard and empowered to make greater help & difference to your family, community, area and beyond.
There are no set way to do/experience those, remember those can be millions times more powerful then just meditation, at same time it is process and step by step use helps.
For example try 5min each to start etc ( you can add your music too)

Additionally with in triangulation area( at Kensington Gardens): 

Phrase for return/embodiment ** ( please say during all below healing, especially where **):

Thank you my Earthly & Higher selves merging receive healing & recharging via Michael for my & Earth Highest Good"

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