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This is a very special & unique section for our Global Circle of Light community members.  (Who contribute £/$ to help with our healing & community)
 If you not yet member you welcome to join.

Available in VIP area 61+ unique healing:
Page1 & 2: Partner ( a very special person for you) ; Home ( a special place you live: including building + more) ; Face ( Youth, Attractiveness..), Mouth (teeth, gums, tongue, jaws, throat), Income & Wealth (Infinite Abundance), Tax ( healing session to help your & Earth abundance & fairness), , PC Muscles (healthier, easier: peeing, pooing, orgasms, grounding, kundalini, levitating).  Perfect as I am, Divine Masculine, Future self, Divine Feminine, Theta (Brain wave/State of being)Delta (Brain wave/State of being), Obstacles & Challenges ( adventures & opportunities), Healthy, Parents, People (Draining my energy, I am losing energy to, I am draining energy from), Friends, Space Harmony, Ancestors,
Page3: 22x Vortex healing: Mt Shasta, Panther meadow, Mt Shasta,  Crater Lake, Chicxulub Crater, Andes, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Mauna Kea & Loa, Lemuria, Maui, Hawaii, Es Verde, Sedona ( Cathedral Rock, West Fork(Oak Creek) , Boyton Canyon ) , Point Dume, Malibu, Australia( Uluru, Perth Vortex, Acroman Crater), Wailua River, Kauai, Hawaii, Water Falls, Tallest Asian Mountains, Ukraine, Kiev ( Starokyivska Hora, Dnipro River), Karnak Temple, Egypt
Page 4 - enjoy 8 of lv3 participation - highest intensity contribution, service & benefit for Soul sessions: 
Earth Angel ( & GCL Ambassador), Benefitting from GCL, Crystalline City, City of Light, GCL Zoom (Biosphere for Earth Angels), Neighbours, GCL Zoom Healings
Sacred Avalon: 8 x Vortex healing: Glastonbury ( accelerate journey, healing to easily bi-locate), Avebury, Stonehenge, Roman Bath(Bath, UK), White Spring(Glastonbury), Upwey Wishing Well, Well (Bishop Palace Garden, Wells, UK), Sacred Avalon**
Available to All:

We over huge amount of healing unconditionally and there are over 80+ open, free, simple and accessible healing sessions and GCL Phrase (no computer required) available 24x7

There are other ways to exchange and help with the group for people who keen to participate but cannot make donation at the moment please email: 

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