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Global Circle of Light is community, please contribute amount you are able to help our Healing work.  Your help and contribution is needed to meet our cost and to help even more people directly and indirectly worldwide. We created a special, powerful Healing/Transmission sessions accessible to ALL.


If you have financial worries or difficulties, please contribute as much as you can now and donate more when your situation improves. Donate any amount using PayPal  just chose any currency or amount

Bellow is simple method contribute using papal or debit/credit card

Participation in Global Circle of Light - Distant Healing Community (You are FREE to stop contribution anytime)

suggestion 1 month:  £5 to £75 (GBP)  ( £1 is approximately 1.22 USD $ or 1.12 EUR)

We value you support in helping our community and allowing us to help more people worldwide

  • Bronze (£15.15pm)  - Access to our unique

  • Silver (£25.25pm)

  • Gold    (£55.55pm) - As silver and

    • additionally monthly 30min individual distant healing to help you on 1-2 specific challenges you may have.

  • Platinum  (£88.88pm) - As gold and bonus monthly 30min Angelic reading/channelling session.


There are other ways to exchange and help with the group for people who keen to participate but cannot make donation at the moment please email: 

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