This is special page to greatly help connection/reawakening of infinite inner peace, joy, happiness, love, expression ("Heaven on Earth"). Transcending Emotions.

fantastic opportunity and uses some of most powerful & liberating healing tools and higher dimensional technologies to help you embrace and uplift your & ancestors emotions to higher vibration state and helping humanity x1000. 

Healing, uplift & Embrace. Higher Dimensions

This page 5 sessions: Doubt, Not good Enough / Worthless, Sadness & Depression, Repulsion & Disgust, Revenge & Vendetta 

Do also listen to brief talks touching on particular emotion, some experiences, ways to express, deal and more importantly followed by healing session we co-creating together more safe, peaceful, healthy and joyful next 3 month.

You welcome to forward to healing part at indicated time, as your Mastery, awareness and vibration will greatly increase with 10, 20, 30+ times taking part 

19th Doubt or Confusion  or Indecisiveness (increasing Trust). (Healing meditation ~14:35minute)  See original on FB

20th Not good Enough or Worthless. (Healing meditation ~12:21minute)  See original on FB

21st Sadness/Depression. (Healing meditation ~13th minute) See original on FB

22nd Repulsion & Disgust( Healing meditation ~11th minute) See original post on FB

23rd Revenge & Vendetta( Healing meditation 8.55minute) See original post on FB

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