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Next Level of Physical Well Being: Young, Youthful, glowing:

12-14 December 2017.

* This is private event for participants of inner circle ( also trying to help few regular users to participate if interested) as limited to 250-300 people on a list.

If you want to take part

1) For people taking part weekly in last month please join: ( you will be able to take part in Ceremony(via Yes) to greatly help let go one of most important for you physical/illness. You will get all details there


2) Alternatively email me : Yes and (physical issue/illness you want to let go most)

I will email confirmation and how to take part


Physical body/well-being is IMPORTANT to fulfilling our missions here. (Healing start as soon as you join event, active participation amplify it)

*** Intro ***:
Healing/yoga and some other practices allow break away limitation of age = how look and how feel. ‘Menopause’, ‘old age’ etc. are largely limiting believes and lack of care about energy, emotion and body.

A lot limiting believes already shifted with people enjoying good health and active life in 90s.
There is no reason for you not too feel and look 10 years younger your age, or more.

This event about manifesting all healing/service you done and return you physical body to optimal.

A lot healing already took place over last weeks and months, chances that there is no longer need or reason for you to have painful or tense part of body or organs and hormonal systems

During parts of history it was dangerous to be youthful and beautiful as could be executed for being witch, or abducted etc)

There will be fire ceremony to put 1 or 2 physical illness/issues to ready to let go

*** Intensions ****

1. Next level of Physical Wellbeing.
2. May we Feel and look much better then age.
3. Extra healing/rejuvenation of all section of spine to allow stronger linking Earth and Heaven energies
4. Healing and clearing anything that need 
5. Recalibrating each cell to hold more light and grounding energy in safe and grounded way 
6. Healing and clearing though forms, limiting believes and in particular fear of looking good, beautiful and youthful. Clearing Attachments to illness/pain.
7. Healing, support and beneficial gut, skin bacteria. Clearing and transmute harmful, draining bacteria’s, parasites, worms, fungus and anything foreign that does not serve/interfere/harmful to wellbeing 
8. Earth Star chakra – healing and clearing trauma and anything interfere flow of Earth Energy.

*This group of people who are or interested taking part regularly so a lot more powerful connection possible and much more exchange of wisdom and knowledge on soul level.

This is more specific healing allowing to address some issues previously did not get attention.

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