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Here is preview how to connect to Global Circle of Light - MD

  1. Lie down for about 20-30mins (you can stay longer).  

  2. Let go of any need to do anything or any expectations ( many fall asleep especially first few times -  it is indication that your body/mind relaxing and healing starts)

  3. Listen to any gentle music and switch off your phone.

  4. For guidance on how to connect using a 'Phrase' through Higherself - please confirm your participation - it will be on next page

  • Healing will start immediately ( you do not need to feel anything or believe for it to happen)

To register participate  and  see simple details how to connect / Phrase

Here feedback typically after 2-12 weeks

Here is link to some music a as suggestion:

Nature music:         

Dolphin sounds:     

Whale music:            

Flute/native American:


Suggestions for people that does not have time

  • Each night connect as just before you ready to sleep

  • Most found this helps get quicker and better sleep

To connect distantly – if you haven’t before, the energy is just as powerful as in person, the Distant Healing often bring more powerful healing.  Each participant is included in the group, hence to get maximum benefit you confirm participation.


Just a note on please let go of any expectations of your experience – both during and after. We find that for transmissions everyone receives what they need, and you may have a very intense blissful experience or a more subtle one. Just being open to receive this energy is enough and visualise white light coming towards you, as this often helps. There is no need to clear your mind; it will work regardless of your conscious state.

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