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Thank you for confirming your participation in Global Circle of Light.

  • Global Circle of Light is OPEN next Starts from 8th June 2018  00.01 UTC. 

  • until Monday 11th June 23:59 (full 96hours), join anytime convenient for you

  • You may connect anytime from Friday to Monday your local times

Here how best to connect to GCL .

  1. Lie(sit) down with closed eyes.

  2.  Imagine/pretend a bubble of golden light around you (this good practice of protection)

  3. To start session in mind say

   "Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing via Michael"


Continue listen to any gentle music for about 10-30mins

Important Notes:

  • Healing will start immediately ( you do not need to feel anything or believe for it to happen)

  • You will be making important contribution and helping other members with your wisdom, life lessons and energy and love​

  • You be sending and receiving as necessary; healing is not from Archangel Michael, "Michael is just to link up with group", AA Michael as other AA and Ascended Masters contribute to healing.

  • You can connect up to 3-5 times a day. Mix sitting/lie down. At home/outside

  • ​Be open to observe  ( eg. thoughts, images, sensations etc)

    • Including any love you send out ( but please do not make any effort to send love, this will happen automatically ) 

    • Note that upto 98% awareness can come in the days/weeks after through dreams and positive/new experiences

At the end

  • Imagine a bubble of golden light around you – this good spiritual practice

  • Double check that you grounded 

Suggestions for people that does not have time

  • Each night connect just before sleep

  • Most found this helps get quicker and better sleep

  • Connect in park or other quiet place

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