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Completed successfully August 2023

Global Circle of Light - Academy: Sovereign Being - I AM

What is it:

Our 3rd Multidimensional Academy is an empowering unique course, where you be in driving seat and upto you how much you take part. We will be embracing our Ancestors, future & Light being ways of cooperation to rediscover our Infinite nature. We will use the simplest yet most advanced techniques to more joyfully learn, grow, create our future, and advance in our ascension. This is a one of a kind opportunity where "Nothing is impossible" as we integrate Sovereign Being. You will be hugely helping friends, family, community and country shift often, at 100,000+ the intensity of your individual meditation.

Advance Tools to help you prepare:

Healing is opportunity & journey. In WE ARE, it is all about choice, empowerment. We bring together timelines, dimensions and extremely powerful Lightworkers, Healers &  time/distance.

Here 2 tools specifically we co-created to help, understand, prepare and get maximum benefit regardless if you join. Try 1,2,3,10 times highly recommended.


Truth & Empowerment

Prepare & introduction Academy: Sovereign Being (I AM)


Healing, co-creation already started with our Facebook Live on April 26th. We co-created a Preparation healing tool that includes an introduction, a preview, and a healing, in order to spread awareness and understanding. We hope that it will encourage you to join us and get maximum benefit. 


Actual start date is 5th of May 2023. Last entry will be accepted 12th of May. The group will continue until 31st of July. Depending on how things advance, There might be an opportunity to continue until the 21st of August,


If you are reading this before 12th of May, you will certainly hugely benefit and have the opportunity to join. The Preparation Healing will really help you, plus make it possible. If you are able to do 1-2 a day, 10 total, you will be ready. Remember up to X100,000 and beyond amplification through stepping up and reclaiming powe


This is building on already hugely empowering Global Circle of Light available anytime meditation, or more intense twice weekly Live Zoom healing, read on GCL benefits

Generally hugely help with:



Improving health

Love, Joy, Truth



Please listen introduction, listen 10 preparation healings in your own time. Try our other GCL healings.

I am happy to chat on messenger or speak 10-20min to answer questions you have.



1. It is really important to join from as close to Passion for growth, discovery and co-creating more Heaven within & around. 


2. Typically 20-60min a day is recommended set aside for in your own time healing. 5-10min for chat/self reflection.

Some be spending 60-120min a day which is really great as give more opportunities but is not compulsory, as it is about Sovereign Being - I AM which for you to make most benefit from your journey in safe, accelerated spacial space we facilitating & co-creating


We value you support in helping our community and allowing us to help more people worldwide

3. Sign up:

$111 early bird until 5th May / $155 until 12th May


4. Access VIP / Subscription

Silver ( $33pm)  - Complimentary to existing VIP members

  • Chat group (via FB Messenger) with additional support and healing.​​

  • Complimentary twice weekly Zoom sessions

  • Access to 100+ VIP healings & bi-locations

  • Access to Academy fortnightly 1-1.5hour support/healing group Zoom

Gold $55 ( extra $22 for existing VIP members)

  • access all Gold VIP meditations & upto 15 Mt Shasta Bilocation's

  • opportunity to take part in Certification, with 7 fortnightly self reflection form & feedback

Platinum $99pm

  • 121 monthly extra support, healing 60-90min

  • Access to all available recordings  of Zooms while I be travelling West Coast USA + recordings of Academy group zooms


There are other ways to exchange and help with the group for people who keen to participate but cannot make donation at the moment please email: 

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