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Global Circle of Sovereign Beings ( I AM) - Multi Dimensional

21st Century Distant Healing Meditation. Together co-creating more Peace, Joy, Happiness and Love, Abundance for participants, their relatives/friends, communities and Earth.


On 17th October 2023 weekly co-creation reached new milestone equivalent to 100,000,000+ meditating/praying individually.

(There were a 200+ of synchronicity events happening worldwide in news during or shortly after our healing )


From any place is comfortable and convenient for you:

  • at home

  • beach, park, top of the mountain 

  • with group of friends

  • on a plane/ train/cafe/hospital.....

* Over 7 years people connected from 1000s different places including during operations etc



People participate anytime , any amount of time is beneficial starting with 1seond just about to sleep. ( Each week awareness of our unity consciousness healing focus, help accelerate healing, most important  reclaim your power & help fully step into I AM)  


  • Sitting, lying or active. Open or closed eyes.

  • It takes less then a second to connect and start receive healing, ( Just think of GCSB phrase to instantly connect: "Thank you my Earthly & Higher selves merging and receiving healing & recharging via Michael for my and Earth highest good"

  • then 1-30mininutes of any music, silence or meditation, repeat upto 10 times a day.

  • Each participants actively participate by receiving healing you need, to 100% your ability.


  • At the moment 600+ participants actively taking part from all 6 continents around world

    • Australia, Bali, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Dubai, France, Fiji, Germany, Holland, India, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, many states in USA and other countries

    • Energies of Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Glastonbury and a number of other power and sacred sites around the world have been linked in to the group by participants.

  • As more participants join strength of the group and ability to transform someone life increases

  • My children are taking part. No experience is necessary. 

  • Open to anyone.

    • Babies took part with parents,

    • cats & dogs with owners

    • number of toddlers & young children  enjoyed healing with parents and shared positive feedback, experience.

    • 50+ Earth Angels with 5+ working at Highest Galactic Levels taking part each week

Energy healing

is a natural therapy complementary to conventional medicine. It relaxes and treats the whole person, balancing body, mind and soul. It is not faith-based.  The benefits can be felt by the client on many levels.  Apart from providing a relaxing experience, healing can help with:

  • Physical illness, injury

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement

  • Improving/starting relationship, getting new job

Healing is being sent by recipients Higherself when they connect so participant always get 100% pure energy what needed most in their life now

Benefits for you:

  • Help align with your life mission/ purpose

  • Grounding effect; be present and live in the here and now

  • Allow more

    • Well being

    • Peace & Serenity

    • Joy & Pleasure

    • Abundance & Happiness

    • Love

    • Expression, Truth,

    • Wisdom, Enlightenment

    • Oneness into your life

  • Healing blocks in areas such as Inner child, Past lives, Ancestral where needed

  • One of most powerful way to do service for humanity and clear Karma

Benefits for people around you:

Your vibration will increase and as you let go heavy emotions, each person you met in your life will be receiving some love and light and like a number of participants you will start to notice a magical transformation around you.

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