This is special page to greatly help connection/reawakening of infinite inner peace, joy, happiness, love, expression ("Heaven on Earth"). Transcending Emotions.

Base on experience of large number in our group this is fantastic opportunity and uses some of most powerful & liberating healing tools and higher dimensional technologies to help you embrace and uplift your & ancestors emotions to higher vibration state and helping humanity upto x1000+.  Choice is yours, but I done 950+ session replays already and would be great if I had those year ago ( anger & joy are shorter so I count 1/2 & 1/3).

Below are some reasons to take part in GCL Emotional & Energy Mastery ( 60+ sessions, arranged for easier replay in 12 sections with 5 each see links below (some people prefer to open those in YouTube as you can chose 144 as quality for quicker playback and less data usage):

1. During period of change, release, turmoil discomfort

Anytime you don't feel 100% please consider taking part using those or our YouTube after 1,2, 4 session not only you normally feel much better ( I often do upto 6 in around during big shift/release) , but you start to transcend this pattern and reconnect much deeper within and Divine.

2. When in pain, have some illness, condition

Our physical body and well being is reflection of our energy. Universe trying to help and guide us during our learning and adventure. Each organ typically accumulate particular emotion(s) a lot more. Try all below and see which 1-2 more you need to embrace and try to repeat 10-30 times over period of  10 - 30 days, mixing with our Youtube session for healing causes of pain and relaxation.

3. Healers, Empath, Lightworkers & Just curious

We are all one connected through ancestors, past lives, Earth, Divine.. in many ways & dimensions there are  100-1000s golden threads between each one of us. You deeper transcending, embracing, liberating yourself actually setting new possibilities, ways, opportunities for all Humans, at same time x1000 healing for everyone especially people that are related to you, friends and near by. 


4. 5th Dimensional Mastery here on Earth

Those sessions very part of what is needed to start living Heaven on Earth and regaining infinite potential and abundance. If you do any emotion 10 replays  reach level1, 30 replays (level2) ... similarly 100 of any of those (level1) , 200 (level2) you will see/feel difference. I completed level4 for anger(11), and lv3 fear(10), sadness(21). joy(38) etc

Healing, uplift & Embrace. Higher Dimensions(see list of special sessions below)Below are brief talks touching on particular emotions, some experiences, ways to express, deal and more importantly followed by healing session we co-creating together more safe, peaceful, healthy and joyful next 3 month

Click here for Earlier healing sessions:

Session 9-13:      Anger. Fear, Grief, Unforgiveness & Resentment, Judgements

Session 14-18:   Frustration, Abandonment & rejection, Jealousy & Envy, Betrayal, Arrogance & Superior)

Session 19-23:   Doubt, Not good Enough / Worthless, Sadness & Depression, Repulsion & Disgust, Revenge &                                    Vendetta 

Session 24-28:   Disappointment & regret,  Cravings (Food, sugar, alcohol, cigarette...), Victimhood &                                                    Blame, Sexual Energy & Pleasure, Guilt & sin

Session 29-33:   Money & cash, Happy, Accepted, Passion, Ascended Masters..

Session 34-38:   Curious, Bliss, Intimate, Working, Joy

Session 39-43:   Enlightenment, Successful, Playful, Love & Loved, Courageous

Session 44-48:   Anxious & Worried, Trauma, Shame, Shock, EGO

Session 49-53:   Advance. Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Union of Elements ( Spirit/Ether) 

Session 54-58:   Advance. Senses: Seeing, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Sense of Touch

Session 59-63:   Advance. Psychic Senses & Abilities: Trust, Inner Knowing, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience

Session 64-68:  Life balance activities: Sleep, Eating & food, Using Computer & Mobile Phone, Driving, Exercise & Walking

The next FB Live sessions Coming up ..

You are welcome to join in ...I will be speaking and doing a live healing session, do comment and co-create as it make a big difference



Speaking & Public Speaking / Writing  (See of our Facebook for replay)

Reading - 21st January 6pm GMT

Listening  - 25th January 6pm GMT 

Arguments & Discussion 28 January 6pm GMT

Expressing Emotions - 1st February

Dancing, Art & Crafts, Being seen & popular, Being heard & understood, Chanting & Humming & Singing

Higher Connections:

Angel & Archangels, God/Divine/Source, Star & Galactic Beings, Higherself, Faeries, Dragons, Lemurian

Vital Organs:

Brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs


Healthy breathing, Rest, Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Compassion, Patience, Giving (helping, caring, supporting), Receiving(help, care, support)

11 human organ systems:

integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic(immune system), respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems

Below selection of few different ( see links above or below to access all 60+ sessions)

38th Joy ( Healing meditation starts ~4.55min)  our shortest session ~6min

33rd Ascended Masters ( Healing meditation ~13:45min)

26th Victimhood or blame (Healing meditation 11.20min) 

11th. Anger & Hate.  (Healing meditation ~15min)  very short ~12min

42nd Love & Loved (Healing meditation ~13.31min)

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