This is special section to greatly help & accelerate your healing for greater Money, Income & Abundance.

1. To get even more benefit please read gradually other sections of website especially ( take part, Dates, Emotional Mastery)  ~Global Circle of Light is unique and revolutionary healing in many ways especially simplicity and empowerment and intensity of Ascension and potential for shift, you able to link up 24x7 using "Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing via Michael for my and Earth Highest good" and any music or meditation for amount of time you have 10-30min each session is best, repeating upto x10 a day

2. Here selected playlist of most helpful GCL sessions to help. (Each session indicated in title time, you welcome to forward session to skip talk/intro) Money session is most targeted so you welcome to listen to it few times before continue to next sessions. All sessions helping to greatly increase your awareness, vibration as well as dissolve some of conscious & subconscious obstacles ( this will help in many other areas of your life)