The aim of this project is to reach as many people around the world as possible with Distant Healing Energy, Love and Light.  We recently created a special, powerful recordings accessible to ALL.


Growing a unique Distant Healing community with people passionate to co-create together more peace, joy, happiness, love, expression, enlightenment, oneness for themselves, their family, our group and Earth. 

Below is some information about how you can make a contribution to this group to help ensure its continuation. Your contributions are very much appreciated. 

Participation in Global Circle of Light - Distant Healing Community

  •  please contribute  amount you resonate with &  afford

  • suggestion 1 month:  $/£5 to £55 (GBP):

Donate Any amount using paypal or credit card:

Below are more Higher vibration way to contribute regularly  ( you have choice of currency) .


You are FREE to cancel/Stop contribution anytime.

If you have financial worries or difficulties, please contribute as much as you can now and donate more when your situation improves.


There are other ways to exchange and help with the group for people who keen to participate but cannot make donation at the moment please email: