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Shine beloved ones!

Circle is open as of 1pm earlier (will be open til Monday 24th April 8am or 0.01am PST).

A number over last few weeks reported feeling healing energies looking at website or thinking of Global Circle of Light.

Those are powerful ripples radiated by group. They do deliver healing and benefits.


For stronger healing and sharing of wisdom and clearing of blocks on Soul level it is essential to connect.  Click take part if you need reminder:

There is no rush and you will have upto67 hours to connect 1 to 12+ times you want.

Here one of messages as there was a lot of energies of love, compassion and acceptance

That will help you express and feel love more over days.


Each week group energy been expanding x4-10 as more people tune in and their vibration is rising and ability to bring light and love too. So each and everyone of you making a big difference.

This group is about receiving and then (subconsciously) using 8 chakras (Earth Star, root, sacral, solarplex, heart, throat, brow and crow) to manifest new reality for themselves (sending ripples of new reality across world, it is x100-1000+ more then what you experiencing) Some call it 5D, few call it 'Heaven on Earth'. But it is where each one is free to have what they truly need and want.

This week group energies are 'doing similar manifestation' ( bring love and light) to Street you live(include home and building you relate, so could be few)

* One morning you go out, sun is shinning and you realise and see on your street so many nice and caring and loving people and you say to yourself: "I have created this experience. Thank you Universe." ( some already experiencing it)

*According to very experienced healer Bill, group is potentially linked to energies of 6 power spots and 7 sacred sites on Earth - such as Mt Shasta, Hawaii, Glastonbury to name few ( those where participants have connected or taking part now).

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