Archangel Sandalphon


Sandalphon was one of the twins are the only archangels in Heaven who were originally mortal men. Sitting at the top and bottom of the Tree of Life Metatron and Sandalphon were created by Source so it could experience duality. Sandalphon has the most beautiful loving gentle presence and is like the most tender father you could imagine.

The Archangel of Music and Prayer he is responsible for gathering up our prayers as they are uttered and him and his team of turquoise coloured Angels deliver these prayers to the heart of Source where they are made manifest and answers are given. He promises that no prayer or desire is left unattended and if you could see the prayers you would see them floating up from our crown chakras as streams of beautiful coloured energy and rainbows of light streaming upwards.

Sandalphon has great healing qualities and he wants to connect with you in this beautiful healing session to assist you in recognising what your ‘tone' is bringing you more of.

Sandalphon is a truly worthwhile angel to connect with, his presence allows us to step away from frustration and anger he can also assist you in understanding why things are evolving in the way that they are and where possible where improvements can be made he will show you easy ways to effect this if you are wanting to change your life, manifest a different money story, or a new beginning where romance is concerned then this gentle but highly individual session is for you. True change comes from within and is permanent and joyful this is his gift for you.

A Sandaldphon will empower you to truly change your reality there is simply no need for your life not to feel abundant joyful and full of possibilities.

  • Really good to heal to resistant/fear to receive on all levels.

  • Very down to Earth Angel in understanding your needs and here to support you in a way that best for you.