Archangel Chamuel: Amplified Connection & Healing.

16 January at 17:17 to 17  January at 17:17

20mins At Home, Or Where Convenient For You. (repeat few times if you want)

We are providing special/unique 24 hour opportunity when your experience will be GREATELY amplified.
• It is open to Anyone
• Guidance that 300+ Lightworkers from Global Circle of Light will be connecting in this way as 1200+ members invited

More about AA Chamuel ( summary and personal story by Tony Klaes)

*** INTENTION ***:
1. Strengthen your connection to AA Chamuel to next level
2. Healing for your Highest good
3. Allow you to receive guidance 
4. Get for next 7 days AA Chamuel protection

*** Active participation ONLY *** it ONLY between you and AA Chamuel (below way will be amplified) 

*** START anytime during event ***
1. Lie/sit down with closed eyes.
2. Imagine/pretend: “Bubble of golden light around you and protects”

3. To start session in mind say:
"Thank you my Higherself for receiving healing  from Archangel Chamuel"

4. Continue listen to gentle music for 20-30mins 

*** FINISH *** 
When music finish as you working with very High frequencies important to make sure you do

  • step 2 again

  • at least 1-3min of grounding until feel fully grounded/balanced with earth energies.

Here is very good 10min for grounding meditation 

I have found this in November for our last special healing and it been very helpful for many to get 100% benefit.

Option Repeat You can repeat every 2-4 hours, as each session will be different.

Please share your experience here , in Global Circle of Light or via PM.

*** This s supported by Global Circle of Light *** :

You welcome to join our group as each week 600+ join worldwide to do powerful healings.
We hope to be able to deliver more of such healings so stay tuned.

*** Donations ***
If you enjoy this healing and able please consider to donate something. This would help reach more people and spread more light/love around the world.

*** Personal Healing/Reading from Archangels ***
I am able to offer 30/60min private paid reading/healing please PM me.

About me:
I discovered that I always had one of deepest Soul connection to Archangel Michael in-particular. This been confirmed by number of healers.

I have completed 2 year qualification “Working with Guides and Angels” in London at College of Psychic Studies: which reminded me of my connections to Angels.

Each day I am developing my practice Healing by Intention, Crystal Healing, Angelic Healing. Spiritual Healing(Energy Healing).