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Thank you very much for support, together we can make a big

Global Circle of Light open: Now on – until Monday 8am GMT


This will be last email for next 3 weeks, Global Circle of Light:

  • will open same times Fridays 1pm until Monday 8am.

  • please check FB or website for updates. 


This week1 of Phase 2 of Global Circle of Light. 

To make project success, and reach a next level,  and help themselves even more, every person invited to contribute ideas,  time, skills, small small contribution - it all makes a big difference.


  1. Guidance is that 50 out 350+ participants, mainly people I know in London stepped up and contributing 90%+. So there is great potential of huge leap in few months once more are used to higher vibration and take greater interest/part.

  2. Here brief message from AA Gabriel what possible to happen in a month:

  •  “if everyone in group expresses/communicates a bit more then energies canincrease by upto x12”

  • “if everyone on mailing list/FB group” take part at least few minutes before sleep Friday/Saturday/Sunday group energies can increase upto x100.


How to communicate (if you have not done it already):

Please vote where healing focus going to be in June/July:

If you not on FB, see options and just email us your vote (+2 Homeless/ + 2 Brexit team)

​Each vote does amplify future energies and intention.

Complete interest for next 5 weeks:

​Next 2 weeks event and to invite friends ( open to public)

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